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Moving home

Moving Home

Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences in life and, with a bit of planning, self storage can make things a little bit easier! Whether you’re decluttering before you move or you find yourself “between houses”, we can look after your belongings whilst you concentrate on the house move.

Furniture Storage

Whether you’re doing some renovations or looking after some family furniture, we can provide you with a clean, dry and secure place to keep your furniture well looked after until you need it back again.

Furniture storage
Overflow storage

Overflow Storage

Sometimes we just run out of space at home. If this is you, why not rent a self storage unit and move some of your more seasonal belongings out of the house. Imagine returning your spare room into a bedroom instead of a store room! Whatever you need to store, we’ve got the space you need.

Life Event Storage

Throughout life we experience major changes which often involve making some considerable upheavals at home. Whether you’re moving in together for the first time, expecting a child or retiring we’ve got somewhere to keep your belongings safe when there simply isn’t room at home!

Life event storage
Car storage

Car Storage

If you need somewhere to keep your car clean, dry and secure, we’ve got just the space for you. Our self storage facility has a number of large storage spaces where you can keep your car away from the perils of the UK weather!

Student Storage

Do you need somewhere to store your worldy possessions over the holidays or between student houses? We’ve got a range of student friendly storage options where you can keep your stuff clean, dry and secure whilst you concentrate on making the most of your time off!

Student storage

If you’ve got any questions about the personal storage services that we offer please give us a call on 01206 625045 or email

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