Going Abroad? How to Find Cheap, Long-Term Storage


Going Abroad? How to Find Cheap, Long-Term Storage

Did you know that over 50% of expat renters rely on storage solutions to keep their belongings safe while overseas? Trying to cram your entire life into a few suitcases or a small foreign apartment is next to impossible. That’s why finding secure, cheap long-term storage is a must.

This guide walks you through everything you need to consider when looking for long-term storage facilities as an expat. We’ll explore how to pick a reputable facility, top tips for minimising costs, best practices for preparing your items, remote access options, and much more. Follow this advice so you can travel the world with total peace of mind knowing your treasures are protected back home.

Why Go for Long-Term Storage?

Rather than selling or giving away most of what you own, long-term storage lets you keep beloved personal belongings until you can move them into your next home. It enables you to store furniture, vehicles, clothing and even sensitive business equipment.

Additional Benefits of Long-Term Storage for Expats:

  • Alleviate rental/mortgage expenses by clearing out home spaces before moving
  • Safeguard valuable or sentimental items you can’t bring overseas
  • Store off-season clothing suitable for your homeland climate only
  • Secure household goods for an easy move-in upon repatriation
  • Business storage facilities protect equipment/inventory until ready for retrieval

How to Choose the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

Not all storage companies emphasise security and climate control to properly preserve customers’ valuables, especially sensitive items like wood furniture. You need confidence your possessions will be vigilantly monitored and protected with 24/7 access.

When touring facilities, ask about specifics: What security measures are in place? What systems protect against temperature/humidity fluctuations? How quickly can I access my unit if needed?

At Hills Self Storage, our storage facilities offer robust security measures like CCTV cameras, individual door alarms and sensor lighting to keep your storage unit and belongings protected round-the-clock. We have many suitable options, with storage units ranging from 15 sq ft suitable for students’ needs or small storage needs, up to 150 sq ft, suitable for storing content of a three or four-bedroom house.

Carefully Preparing Your Belongings

Before loading up a storage unit, take time to thoughtfully organise, clean and protect your possessions:

  • Sort and Declutter First: Before packing, decide what necessities to take overseas, possessions to store and items to donate or discard. This upfront organisation really pays off!
  • Clean Thoroughly Before Packing: Dust furniture, wash clothing on sanitising cycles and pay special care to heirlooms before sealing them into storage. Preventing mold, pests and deterioration preserves their integrity.
  • Label Clearly: Affix purposeful labels with owner contact information and box contents on all containers before transporting them to storage. Should you need something urgently, you’ll save precious time.
  • Consider Content protection: While not required, insuring your stored goods provides peace of mind against theft, fire, water damage and other losses. Accidents happen, so it’s wise to weigh options. 

Final Thoughts

As an expat, securing your personal effects at a reliable, affordable provider such as Hills Self Storage provides significant peace of mind. With our secure online account management portal, you can conveniently manage your unit and bills from overseas.

Our secure storage units are conveniently located in the heart of Colchester, near key areas like Marks Tey, Elmstead, and Clacton on Sea, ensuring easy access to your stored items when needed. From container storage to personal, business, and student storage, we offer a wide range of storage options tailored to meet your needs. Get in touch with our friendly team today – we can advise you on the most suitable option for you.

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