How Self Storage Can Help Grow Your Business

How Self Storage Can Help Grow Your Business

How Self Storage Can Help Grow Your Business

All business owners have one goal in common: to expand their reach and grow their enterprise. No matter whether you’re a trades person or an online retailer selling your wares on eBay, the aim is the same – you want to make your company as successful as can be.

While realising such an ambition is something to be celebrated, however, it can lead to one problem: the bigger your business becomes, the more space it needs. With an ever-expanding rollcall of employees and increasing amounts of stock coming as standard, you’re faced with a conundrum: do you call a halt on your expansion plans or do you look for a larger property and accept the increased overheads that come with this?

You might be interested to know that there’s actually a third option to consider: a self-storage facility like our own. Ideally set up to meet the needs of growing businesses, there are lots of ways that we can help you with business storage. Here are just a few that might come in handy.

Self storage can replace traditional offices

Did you know that some companies in Colchester have opted to swap their traditional office space for self-storage facilities like ours? If your home office has become too small but you’re not quite ready to make the leap to a commercial property, self-storage units can provide a happy medium. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs, they can be made into a productive workplace with minimal overheads, so that you can expand without overreaching.

It comes minus business rates or council tax hikes

Lots of businesses use Hills Self Storage as an extension of their company premises, but the beauty of them is that they’re not classed as such by law. This means that they come minus business rates and without the fear of council tax hikes, so that you can enjoy your extra space without making a significant dent in your profits. With no danger of them increasing the rateable value of your property, your accounts are unaffected too.

It accommodates both permanent and temporary expansion

Those who own an SME often operate on tight margins. This means that you sometimes have to pass up promising opportunities because you simply don’t have the funds or facilities to accommodate them, and this frequently comes down to a lack of space. Without the room to store the extra materials needed to meet an especially large order, for example, you can end up losing out – unless self storage can save you. If you want to expand but only on a temporary basis, facilities like ours offer the flexibility you need. Available to rent for however long you desire, you can keep them for a month or a year as required, and then simply give them up when you’re no longer reliant on the extra space they offer.

They’re an ideal storage solution

Storing goods takes up a lot of space, especially when your business is in the midst of an expansion. Unsurprisingly given their primary purpose, an additional boon of self-storage facilities is that they’re a great place to keep any stock that you don’t immediately need access to. Suitable for saving everything from seasonal goods like sun cream and Christmas decorations through to products bought in bulk, they give you a safe place to put the excess without significantly driving up your overheads. This means increased profit margins without the need to scale back your expansion plans due to a lack of space.

You need only pay for the space you need

Last but not least, the variety of self-storage units available means that you need only pay for the space you actually require. In order to grow your profits and expand your business, any essential outlay should ideally keep your overheads to a minimum, and the best way to do this is by finding what you desire at the lowest price possible. This is a box that Hills Self Storage options tick 10 times over, making them a perfect pick for Colchester businesses on the rise.

Offering security, space, and the opportunity to expand your business without dramatically driving up your overheads, business self storage really can be a great option for entrepreneurs who have their heads screwed on. Why not contact our team today to find out more about how we could help you?

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