You’ve got the flexibility to set your own hours, you can choose where you work from and most importantly you can set your own rules. It sounds ideal – but you’ll soon find that running a business from your home has some drawbacks. If you need a bit of space to expand, self storage might just be the answer you need.

Secure space and room to grow

If you have the type of business that holds a lot of stock, you’ll soon find it takes over the spare room in your house – if you have one. Boxes pile up down the corridors, and soon you’re using them as side tables in the living room.

Holding plenty of stock is great for your customers, but not for your family. A self storage unit, on the other hand, can be flexible to your needs. You can choose the size of unit you need and expand into additional units for specific seasons as you need to. Your unit is fully secure – and it keeps valuable stock and temptation away from your family home.

Local is Key

So your probably not commuting a lot at the moment, but at some point in the future we all hope to get back to normal! Your business might rely on plenty of face-to-face time with clients, so why not find a more local location that allows you to hold meetings rather than arranging to meet in London.

Our flexible office space can be rented on a short term or long term basis or even sporadically on an adhoc basis. By being smart and finding a central hub for your business, you can commute in comfort, carrying only the essentials and pop down to you storage unit should you need. How great does that sound?

Looking professional

With more and more e-commerce businesses popping up, it is really important to ensure that your business looks professional.

Our facility is always clean and tidy and extremely well presented. Gone are the days when operating from a storage facility meant you work from somewhere cold and damp, but instead now you can work from a warm, light and friendly space – and no matter what, you will always look your professional, ready to sign that big contract.

Secure documentation

Your business might rely more on customer data than stock – but all that paperwork still builds up and takes up space at home. Secure indoor storage gives you plenty of room for your filing system, and keeps everything dry for as long as you need.

Hills Self Storage is ideally situated in the centre of Colchester perfect for commuters, sole traders and entrepreneurs. Our secure offers a wide range of different self storage room sizes you can rest assured that you’ll find a space that meets your requirements and you won’t find yourself paying for storage space that you don’t need!

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