Growing your online business in 2021!

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Growing your online business in 2021!

2020 taught us many things, but the biggest we learnt is how to be reactive to unexpected change!

Kicking off the 2021, many small business owners are embracing the new challenges and empowering us all to shop small and smart. But what if you are a small business owner and are wondering where to start? Well, we are here to help. Here at Hills Self Storage, we know how important support can be in your earlier days, so kick back and take a read over how we can help your online business thrive.


Of course, launching your own business is hard work and gaining a foothold on any online platform isn’t easy, but over time you will refine your brand so try to have fun and enjoy your launch. What is your USP? Ride off the back of this and create an interactive launch online that your customers can be part of – use poles and Q&A’s to encourage positive engagement. Seems simple, but prospective customers love to feel  involved in your business on a person level – so let them in!


Time, patience and a strong, reliable customer service are the cornerstones to the success. We all want to be overnight successes, but sometimes it can take time to build your brand presence. Remember that you started your business because you believe in it, a great brand always starts with the owner believing in themselves.

Let’s talk images, there are a few tips that will help set you apart from the crowds.

  1. Use your own images – It sounds simple but it is really important to ensure that the content you put out is authentic and original.
  2. Make sure the lighting is a natural as possible so that the real colours show up.
  3. Get yourself a good camera – Quality pictures do require a good camera, so don’t scrimp!
  4. Be consistent – Creating a set or stage where you take all your pictures will allow your customers to know that you are serious and your brand is here to stay!


Here at Hills, we have a wide range of small businesses that use our storage rooms to enhance their online business. We reached out to a few to see what they have to say about operating from a storage room.

“I started the business from home, and moved into a storage unit after just a few months. It means the house is free from boxes of stock, and I have set business hours. Plus, storage units are not that expensive, I can expand the size of my shop when I need to, and there is no long term commitment, so I feel in complete control of my business!”

“Originally I was looking for low cost solution to store extra store for my business, however, after spending some time in the unit packing deliveries, I quickly realised that I there was so much I could do from my unit! I now have 3 units, all perfect for different things – one holds stock, the other is a studio where I take pictures and the third is used as a production station, I couldn’t be happier and my home is now a home again!”

With our flexible storage options, your business is not held under a contract it is free to react to any changes that may come your way.

So if you are thinking of starting an online business, or want to take your business to the next level Hills Self Storage is the place to be! We offer secure, indoor self storage space that’s perfect for both personal and business storage requirements. All of our storage units are individually alarmed and we’ve installed smart security and access control systems to give you complete peace of mind. For more information please call us on 01206 625045 or email

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