150 sq ft room

£55.00 £27.50 per week +vat

Prices do not include insurance or a padlock.

This price is valid for your first 2 months.
£55.00+vat per week thereafter.

Low availability, please call for more information.

Your selected unit

150 sq ft / 13.94 sq m

Floor area: 10ft x 15ft

Height: approx 9ft

Perfect for

A 7.5 tonne lorry load
About the size of one and 1/2 garages

Store Location

Your benefits

Free access 7 days a week

You are the only keyholder

Free use of trolleys, pallet trucks etc.

No long term commitment.

Lots of parking


Hills Self Storage,
Brook Street Business Centre,
Brook Street,
Colchester CO1 2UZ

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